Randy Melick  660. 619. 5999  / melickmusic@gmail.com



Writing music comes natural for me. However it did not use to. I played top 40 songs most of my life. Now I just want to create, to compose new music.


Arranging a song can often be challenging., however, I have recently  been writing as if I hear multiple instruments with nature sounds already in the mix. In addition, I am experimenting with other tunings for the guitar that allow for additional chord expansion. matching the music with common natural sounds such as Humpback Whales, 

Transp Guitar.png


I consult on other projects with other musicians who need some fresh ideas for composing and arranging songs. I use melodies and harmonies together to set in a rhythm bed. using a keyboard. In addition, I  teach intermediate and  masters level guitar lessons online per request.