Acoustic and Classical guitar music intertwined with nature sounds to produce relaxing music for : Stress, Anxiety, ADHD and ADD symptoms that include  children and adults and even pets!

Finding a personal balance is important, especially when life is busy and schedules get crazy.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment that fosters personal connections and self awareness.

Have you ever put on a pair of headphones while you read, meditate, or just want to unwind and go to sleep? Well, the science behind all this includes brainwave patterns and chemicals call neurotransmitters. We all have them, but sometimes they become inbalanced, off, or even depleted. When that happens our moods change, we become depressed, and maybe even a little psychotic. Or if you want to chill, go to Youtube and listen to a  new song "Firedance"and enjoy. Oh, by the way, go to type in my name and you can order any cd from them. However, if you find one you really like, e-mail us and we will send the CD to you for $9.99.