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Therapeutic Strings for stress and anxiety relief    


Stress and anxiety effect us all. However, if you have  put on a pair of headphones while you read, meditate, or just want to unwind, relax you feel the benifest of our music.  Well their is a science to all of this. Behind the scenes,there are brainwave patterns and chemicals called neurotranmitters that we all have, However, sometimes they become inbalanced, off, or even depleted. When that happens our moods change, we become depressed or anxious. During these times certain types of music can play a huge roll in helping take the edge off and then you can let go of everything  relax and go to sleep. 

Therapeutic Strings for anxiety and stress relief includes designing music around your preferences. Instead of going to your favorite store and purchasing music that may or may not work, we have the capability of producing music that fits your taste. We produced Whale Song I and now Whale song II is available. They are designed for meditation and relaxation. You can also purchase one of these CD's from our products page. In addition, we NOW have the newest CD entitled  Chill, go to the Fall Special page and you can order frpom there.

Kickstart is worth the time, better than mousetrap